We think small, talk small, hear small, eat, sleep and breathe small. Because when you’re trying to connect with a small business, you must understand everything about those who run them.

Large Companies Support Local Food Movement

Large grocery chains such as Whole Foods have jumped on the local food bandwagon by finding niche local food suppliers. But it’s not always easy for these small stores to expand at the rate needed to meet Whole Foods’ unforeseen order sizes. Some local businesses even choose to reject Whole Foods’ requests in fear that their product quality will suffer. But when local businesses do accept the call to the big leagues, Whole Foods is patient with companies trying to meet these large order requests.

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Large Craft Brewer Helps the Small Guys Stay Passionate

One of the largest craft brewers in the US wants to keep the passion going. Stone Brewing CEO and co-founder, Greg Koch, remembers all too well how he felt when he started up in 1996. That’s why he formed True Craft – a $100 million company charged with investing in small craft brewers. Their goal is to help keep these small brewers independent and in charge of their operations – rather than ultimately selling out to the big guys.



Prepare for the Side Hustle

Aaron Draplin, inventor of Field Notes, shows us how the maker class is able to turn their smaller interests into major livelihoods. One note: Aaron’s passion for his craft sometimes leads to salty language. While the bleep button was considered, we respect how the “Living Off the Wall” series for Vans understands its audience and uses a lighter editing touch for more authentic storytelling.

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