We think small, talk small, hear small, eat, sleep and breathe small. Because when you’re trying to connect with a small business, you must understand everything about those who run them.

The Millennials and Millennipreneurship

Like most other direct marketing teams committed to understanding the heart of the consumer, we’ve been studying the psyche of the Millennial generation, puzzling over the contradictions that define them. Throughout the nearly endless supply of research studies, ethnographic observations, census reports or transaction histories, we find them by turns conservative and libertarian, cautiously chaste and wildly promiscuous, politically indifferent and deeply involved, fiscal conservatives and Rome-burning financial fiddlers, on a path to their first billion while still living at Mom’s.

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Do Small Businesses Care About Cyber Crime?

Though small business owners may be weary of the market, cyber security is not something they worry about. The PNC Economic Outlook survey found that only one in 10 small business owners were concerned about cyber security. Richard Bynum, executive vice president and head of business banking at PNC Bank, explains that “It is a big concern because it doesn’t take much more than one breach to have that nightmare scenario.”  Read more

Financial Landscape is Changing for Small Businesses

Small businesses struggle to receive help managing their books and getting the financing they need. In response, companies are creating alternate solutions that aim to specifically help small businesses.

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Small Business Loans? Aisle 5.

That’s right. Staples, the place small business goes to for everything from copy toner to coffee, now provides loans (up to $1 million). It’s a flexible, convenient service Staples is “pleased to offer” their small business customers. But will those customers be pleased to take advantage of it?


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