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New Orleans Startup Makes On-the-go Device Charging Easier

MobileQubes started up in 2014 with the goal to make sure everyone could keep their phones charged away from home, and away from their chargers.

In an interview with CNBC, MobileQubes co-founder Sean Carrigan says the market needed a phone-charging solution that allowed people to continue their day. “Ours is really one of the only truly portable solutions. What you see out there in the market right now is the lockbox station (and) the charging pole that requires people to stay tethered there.”

Anyone can rent a “cube” from any of the MobileQube kiosks. The cube plugs right into their phone’s charging port, and they can continue shopping, exploring, biking—whatever it is, as long as they return the cube to any MobileQube kiosk within 24 hours. Or, they can choose to purchase the cube device by not returning it.

While most kiosks are based in the startup’s home, New Orleans, the company has kiosks all over the U.S. While they’re working on expanding to even more markets, the founders didn’t forget how the big guys could help them—the kiosk screens are opportunities for brands to buy advertising. Plus, MobileQube has even secured national contracts with major venues and brands such as Amtrak, Hyatt, Caesar’s Entertainment and even the NFL.