We think small, talk small, hear small, eat, sleep and breathe small. Because when you’re trying to connect with a small business, you must understand everything about those who run them.

Facebook Ads not Working For Small Businesses

In a recent survey conducted by Small Business Trends, it was discovered that out of 2,600 small business owners, 62 percent found Facebook advertising ineffective. They agreed that because there is hardly any return on investment, they would not consider Facebook as a way of reaching customers in the future.

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What I Learned About Small Business During a Summer with My Dad

In 2010, I was fortunate enough to spend the summer working for my dad’s painting/contracting business. It was the perfect match. A college kid who needed money and an aging business owner who could use the extra help with the physical demands of the job. All this gave me some much-needed cash, but also firsthand experience into the world of a small business owner.

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