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Twitter Unveils New Chatbots for Brands’ Customer Service


Twitter announced two new products to its Direct Messages channel that give businesses large and small another way to help potential customers.

Customer service is at the heart of every brand, and with Twitter’s new “Welcome Messages” and “Quick Replies” Chatbots, your brand can achieve another outlet to enhance the customer service experience with convenience and speed.

“Welcome Messages” allows your brand to greet users with an automatic reply when you receive a direct message on Twitter. This allows you to start the conversation off right by showing the customer what they can expect from the conversation.

“Quick Replies” is another new product from Twitter that lets businesses prompt users on how to get their questions answered. For example, businesses can send users a list of options to choose from or advise them with specific words.

Twitter is stepping up its Direct Messaging platform to compete with the likes of Facebook Messenger, and brands are surely taking notice.