We think small, talk small, hear small, eat, sleep and breathe small. Because when you’re trying to connect with a small business, you must understand everything about those who run them.

The Best Small-Biz Practices Can Be Learned From Each Other

As mobile becomes more and more ubiquitous for business advertising, small businesses are joining in. But without marketing departments and budgets that allow for experimentation, it can be difficult for them to figure out how to best use their ad dollars.

A quick search for the best brand mobile advertising returns companies like Coke, Maytag, Bacardi and Calvin Klein—excellent brands with far-reaching brand engagement online, and certainly mobile. But how is a small business supposed to learn best practices for mobile from Coke, when they’re just trying to get a little attention and some extra customers in their stores?

Facebook has responded to this need, offering offline training events around the country, and also backing Facebook Groups that have thousands of small business members. They also surveyed small businesses to see how they feel about mobile advertising, and realized many of them didn’t know where to turn.

At the same time, small businesses are recognizing that relying on each other can be just as, if not more, helpful than turning to online searches or best practices from large brands. This works across business type as well, not just for those in the same industry. That’s because they relate to each other simply as small businesses, even if it’s a small accounting shop helping out the local florist.

As these small businesses learn more, they’re realizing it makes sense to place their ad spend on Facebook. The sheer volume of options when it comes to ad format, targeting options and measurement tools makes the social media giant an easy choice for small businesses typically lacking in marketing clout.

The discovery process taken by these small businesses leads to a broader question big businesses should consider: What else can small businesses learn from each other, and how can big brands help facilitate this learning and growth moving forward?