We think small, talk small, hear small, eat, sleep and breathe small. Because when you’re trying to connect with a small business, you must understand everything about those who run them.

Mentorship Is Key For Next-Gen Entrepreneurs

Business accelerators are proving to be extremely important as entrepreneurs get their start.

Over the past few years, entrepreneurs from across the nation have joined together to start business accelerators to take their ideas and companies further.

Accelerators put company teams through a fixed-term, cohort-based program that focuses on mentorships. The end goal is to have them pitch their ideas to a field of investors. These established businesses, using their prior experience to help startups get their feet off the ground, are shaping the future of small business. And they’re focused on diverse areas in business, including veterans- and women-owned businesses, and much more.

These accelerators will only strengthen the backbone of America – small business.