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Maximizing Millennials in the Workplace

Big companies have drastically changed the way they target potential employees over the past few generations. They’re saying goodbye to the days of strict, structured schedules and hello to freedom and flexibility in the workplace in order to attract Millennial talent.

The younger generations were raised in less traditional ways, forcing companies to adapt to keep attracting top talent. Big businesses are now focusing more on culture in the workplace, catching the attention of Millennials who are known for choosing work in smaller startups.

A company’s culture can make even the largest company feel personal. Glenn Hartman, SVP at Starbucks said, “Culture is the biggest competitive advantage. You can hire talent, buy technology, and acquire businesses, but culture is home-grown.”

If this culture-focused approach to attracting Millennial talent has worked for Starbucks, which ranks fifth on Fortune’s Most Admired list of 2015, maybe other large companies can learn a thing or two by mirroring their approach.



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