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Facebook Ads not Working For Small Businesses

In a recent survey conducted by Small Business Trends, it was discovered that out of 2,600 small business owners, 62 percent found Facebook advertising ineffective. They agreed that because there is hardly any return on investment, they would not consider Facebook as a way of reaching customers in the future.

Experts argue that small business owners might not ask themselves the right questions, or their targeting is too general. “If they had more insights on the behaviors and unique interests of their audience, they could deliver ads only to customers interested in what they have to offer,” said Jeanie Blackwell, founder of The Launch Lab.

On the contrary, they’re busy doing a million different things. They might not have the time to really dig in and get their targeting where it needs to be. Or they might only have the resources to ask themselves the basic questions when targeting through Facebook.

To help, Blackwell offers 10 questions that a small business owner can answer and apply for strong Facebook Ad performance. To read them, click the link below.